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Taylormade Landscapes provide the following services to both the public and private sectors to a very high standard and have done for over 20 years. With clients such as St.Modwen, Kendrick Homes, Staffordshire County Council, Lafarge and Tarmac Ltd continuing to use Taylormade on a repeat basis for all there commercial landscaping needs.

Soft Landscaping

Landscaping Services

Design & Landscaping

Whatever your landscaping needs our experienced team will do our best to ensure your project is delivered;

  • To a high standard

  • On time

  • At the right price


We deliver servives including;

  • Hard Landscaping

  • Soft Landscaping

  • Hedge cutting, Tree Surgery and Pruning

  • Turfing and seeding

  • Planting Schemes

  • Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Hard Landscaping

Our hard landscaping team work closely with our soft landscapers to undertake successful commercial construction projects - from landscaping new build residential developments to the renovation of retail or office re-development schemes as well as sports and recreation grounds and communal public spaces tended by local authorities.

Taylormade Landscapes are able to offer installation of block paved driveways as well as both tarmac and concrete driveways.

Our services include:


  • Land formation and development; earth modelling operations

  • Hard landscaping and civil engineering

  • Tarmacing, block paving, kerbing

  • Fencing - every level - from domestic and stock proof fencing to high security

  • Playgrounds and skate parks

  • Drainage and ground works

We have expertise in the whole range of turfing and seeding projects; from repair work on heavily trafficked areas, to the creation of new lawn areas in large outdoor spaces such as residential developments, factories, local authority spaces and schools. 

We are also able to offer creation and implementation of planting schemes. We have an experienced landscape team who undertake planting schemes with vision, expertise and care; with the skill to design bespoke projects for very different ground and environmental requirements.

Our services include:

  • Large scale native and ornamental tree and shrub planting

  • Planting schemes - shrub, herbaceous and annual beds - Motorway planting, Parks and Public open spaces

  • Landscape regeneration

  • Extensive seeding and turfing - all types covering  fine, sports turf, amenity, meadow, wild flower and conservation areas. 

  • Sports Grounds and Recreation Grounds

  • Forrestry and hedges including hedge laying

Hedge cutting, Tree Surgery and Pruning

Taylormade Landscapes can provide all planting, pruning and surgery services including large scale native and ornamental tree and shrub planting - from 1 year old whips to mature root-ball trees.

Our services -

  • Qualified tree surgeons

  • Pre-planting prep

  • Supply ground prep

  • Hedge cutting

  • Shrub trimming

  • Pruning

  • Tree Felling/ removal/ chipping

  • Pollarding

  • Tree crowns lowered

  • Bark Mulching

  • Herbicide application

Planting Schemes


Turfing and seeding

We are able to take on the whole range of turfing or seeding projects from repair work to heavily trafficked areas, to the creation of new lawned areas in large outdoor spaces such as factory, office or residential developments and schools.

  • Pre-planting prep

  • Supply ground prep

  • Herbicide application

  • Weed spraying treatments

  • Seeding 

  • Turfing -  fine

  • Sports turf

  • Amenity grass

  • Meadow land

  • Wild flower and conservation areas

We have the experience and skill to put together planting schemes catering for clients very different requirements from residential developments and schools to redevelopment of quarries sites. We have an experienced landscape team who implement planting schemes with care, expertise and vision.

Our services include:

  • Design of and implementation of planting schemes

  • Supply of stock - native planting where appropriate

  • Pre-planting preparation

  • Herbicide application including weed spraying treatments 

  • Initial plant establishment programme

  • On-going project maintenance


Other services

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

We undertake the full spectrum of grounds maintenance activities for a wide range of clients. Projects vary from simple one-off tasks to long-term maintenance contracts involving close project management designed to ensure that a cost effective and high quality service is delivered. 

Our services include:

  • Lawn/Grass/Turf laying, maintenance, mowing, strimming, seeding and weeding 

  • Maintenance of shrub, herbaceous and annual beds 

  • Maintenance and cutting of hedges 

  • Tree planting, maintenance, surgery and pruning

  • Weed spraying treatments

  • Grass cutting to fine turf, sports turf, amenity, meadow, wild flower and conservation areas 

  • Inspection and maintenance of play areas 

  • Cleansing and sweeping of hard surfaces, collection of litter

  • Sports Grounds and Recreation Grounds

  • Motorway planting

  • Parks and public open spaces

  • Landscape regeneration

  • Estate Management


If the service you require is not listed please get in contact with our team and we will do our best provide you with some information on what we can do to meet your needs.

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